Les Siestes Electroniques festival didn’t happen physically in 2020 due to pandemic. It has been replaced by a one-year long program tackling the “music and care” issue.

Freed from the constraints of time and place specific to the festival, we wanted to design an online edition that will last until December and offer our audiences a variety of video, written and audio content around the theme: music and care.

The therapeutic vocation of music is a subject that has been discussed more and more lately. People talk about the care provided by music therapy, the restorative virtues of ambient in periods of confinement, the success of the “relaxing” playlists offered by streaming platforms, yoga music, but also the spiritual and community aspects of techno parties. Can we pay sensitive and critical attention to what music brings us as support, on an individual and/or collective scale, without neglecting the way it is sometimes instrumentalized to treat symptoms while trivializing the causes? This is the question that Les Siestes Electroniques would like to explore this year. The covid-19 pandemic having forced us to cancel all our physical events, we have decided to invite, in the coming months, authors and artists to explore this relationship between music and care and its contradictions.

In partnership with Shape Platform – co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.


June 26, 2020, Possession spirituelle et zombies bienveillants : les vertus thérapeutiques de la « folk » jamaïcaine by Etienne Menu with Musique Journal (in French only)

July 3rd, 2020, Les Faith Healers pratiquaient la thérapie par le bruithme, by Etienne Menu with Musique Journal (in French only)

July 15th, 2020, Les tumultes curatifs de quelques perles disco, by Etienne Menu with Musique Journal (in French only)

July 23th, 2020, Heliophobia, a podcast by Céline Gillain you can listen to on Musique Journal.

September 25th, 2020, Of the Beast, an original audio piece by Jay Glass Dubs as Wild Terrier you can listen to on Musique Journal.

October 14th- November 13th 2020, with the help of Lorenzo Targhetta, the artist Rian Treanor set up sound creation workshops. Residents were able to experience a concrete approach to music: the recording of sounds, followed by individual and collective performance based on these sounds. Watch the video!

October 30th, 2020, Tituber sans tomber, an original audio piece by Yann Gourdon you can listen to on Musique Journal (in French only)

November 30th, 2020, Transe purification et apaisement en Indonésie, by Etienne Menu with Musique Journal (in French only)

December, 2020, Musique et Soin, a booklet commissioned by the Editions Audimat team and designed by Pierre Vanni. It includes articles and images tackling the “Music & Care” topic. (in French only)
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