In 2021, we decided to support 3 artistic projects from January to December, so that the selected artists can continue to create.
We are trying, with our limited means, to help consolidate their careers.

Associated Artists

Emma Dj

His aesthetic grammar seems as unorthodox as it is full of an immense dance potential.

Nina Harker

A pop duo whose DIY-hypnagogic songs touch us intensely.

Doum Records

Young label led by Esther who reactivates with strength and originality a long tradition linked to bass music in Toulouse.

2021 marks the end of our Shape years. The whole family of festivals who have supported this wonderful platform and enabled us to bring a large number of artists to France will of course, remain in contact. In the meantime, we’ve selected 3 Shape artists within the 48 that will be supported by the platform in 2021.

Shape Artists

Félix Blume

Sound artist Félix Blume is interested in the sound ecosystem and our ability to hear it.

Kali Malone

Organist and electro-acoustic composer, Kali Malone represents the new avant-garde of Swedish music.

Loup Uberto

By exploring the repertoire of traditional music, Loup Uberto breathes more life into our contemporary music.